Brianna Nicole Austin

Brianna Nicole Austin is an author, reporter and columnist who is Editor In Chief of the TG Life. an online magazine and  Community-Resource Center by, for, and about the male to female transgender community.

Brianna Austin

She launched her first website in 2000 and gained an international following for her essays, as well as her photo gallery of adventures into the mainstream (that readers tagged along on vicariously.)

Brianna Austin clubbing

Jose, Chrissy, Brianna @ the Cheetah Club NYC

She Formed the Girls’ Club in 2001, and they frequented many of the hottest trans clubs, gay clubs and mainstream bars and events in New York City.

Later that year they launched what became the hottest monthly trans party in NYC, with memorable themed parties at East of Eighth — like their Moulin Rouge, and Tropical Nights, and, later, their Halloween party at an Irish Pub on West 23rd Street.

That summer Brianna began writing A Bite of the Big Apple column for GIRL TALK Magazine, the glossy publication by Gina Lance. As their New York columnist she was out and about constantly.

She also wrote many cover articles for Transgender Community News, and did one off reports for Lady Like Magazine, wrote an article for Blaze NYC, and was re-published on  sites like  TG Guide, TG Crossroads and other publications.

She wrote commentary about the transgender spectrum, the journey that many experience, and reviewed Broadway and off-Broadway shows,  other events, and interviewed some of NYC’s hottest and upcoming trans stars.

You can find many of her articles on her author page at TG Life as well as her Candidly Transgender blog on this site.

Read more about her early history

You can read more about this journey in the forthcoming bookThe Last Woman & Me.”  

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Brianna Nicole Austin