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Rise of the Girls Club

Brianna Nicole Austin was born in the summer of 2000 when she exploded onto the New York party scene like a whirling dervish, then saw the rise of the Girls Club.

… in the beginning

Brianna AustinBrianna came out and frequented the cross-dressing scene that year, then began to venture into the gay community. By early 2001 she formed the Girls Club of New York, a zany group of T-girls who served, in part, as a bridge for cross-dressers — of the protected confines of the cross-dressing clubs of the era –, to their adventures in the mainstream and gay community social scenes.

… and then:

The original girls club By the summer of 2001 Brianna’s website was widely read and she became the New York columnist for Gina Lance’s GIRL TALK Magazine, a glossy print publication.

Her “A Bite of the Big Apple” column contained reviews of events (of which the Girls Club was often present),┬áinterviews, [on Broadway, off-Broadway and many other venues around NYC] and commentary,

She was featured in Blaze with an article about the rising transgender movement; became a regular contributor to Transgender Community News with many magazine cover feature articles, as well as Lady Like Magazine with one-off articles.

… Rise of the Girls Club:

NYC girls club with Brianna AustinAs they were out and about week after week, in the mainstream, the gay and transgender communities, the group became visible to readers around the globe.

They’d often take one or two closeted cross-dressers along with them into the mainstream each week, and were considered by some to be a trans version of the “Sex In The City” girls.

As goodwill ambassadors they often found themselves conversing with gay and mainstream tourists — in an attempt to present a better understanding to those unaware or unfamiliar with the trans community. Oddly it wasn’t the mainstream but rather her gay friends that would inquire “Why do you want to be someone else?”

… Today:

Brianna continues to publish TG Life magazine & community that she started with Gina Lance in 2005.

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